Inventarisierung der Macht | Book
Inventarisierung der Macht. Die Berliner Mauer aus anderer Sicht. Ausstellung und Buch, Berlin 2016, Künstlerische Leitung Annett Gröschner und Arwed Messmer
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Taking Stock of Power
An Other View of the Berlin Wall
Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2016

Annett Gröschner, Arwed Messmer
Texts by Greg Bond, Olaf Briese, Florian Ebner, Matthias Flügge, Annett Gröschner, Melanie Huber, Arwed Messmer, and others
Design by Carsten Eisfeld


German, English
2016, 1325 pages, c. 1450 Abb.
21.00 x 29.70 cm
Hardcover, 2 volumes with banderole


ISBN 978-3-7757-4095-1


The book can be purchased in bookstores for 98 EUR.

Taking Stock of Power was nominated for The Paris Photo Photobook Award 2016 and receives the Juror’s Special Mention. “A virtuosic achievment in the presentation of archival research.”

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